• Deduction of the bidding and hiring process

  •  Selection of the most qualified trainers for the scenes involved

  • Sourcing the best animals for your production- 

  • Work within budgetary restrictions 

  • Comply with animal welfare guidelines

  • Act as an animal liaison with departments such as: stunts, props, costume and special effects to organize and supervise animal action 

  • Consult at prep and shooting to make your production run as smoothly as possible 


As certified animal trainers, specializing in dogs, horses and cats, we also have a training, management and animal-care backgrounds with countless domestic and exotic species. 


0ur seasoned animal trainers and suppliers can provide your production with everything from alligators, lions and wolves to cows, horses and goats. Just let us know what you need and we can train or supply you with a selection of animals that meet your requirements- our network of trainers and animals spans across the country and beyond. 


Horse racing, helicopter shots, dog-sledding, snake charming, camera cars, bull-riding, pigs-flying, cats floating down rivers, and bear attacks- you name it, we've worked it. 

  • Work within animal welfare guidelines and regulations

  • Collaborate with trainers and animals in prep and filming

  • Act as gentle reminder of industry guidelines

  • Prevent misperception from emotionally charged scenes (such as animal deaths) 

  • Work with the stunt department

  • Offer alternative suggestions for achieving safe animal action

  • Advise on tricky locations

  • Support other departments, such as: set dressing, costumes, makeup and props with animals and action.

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